Basement Repairs, Exterior Waterproofing & Drainage Pipe Installations

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 *Our minimum contract is $3,000.00*

* Unless a high water table or a spring is seeping up through basement floor cracks, slab-at-wall separation or side condo party walls, you should have the repairs done from the exterior.

* Traditional excavation of wall(s) down to footing, patching of holes, cracks & sealing wall surfaces with damp proofing & waterproofing materials will eliminate seepage.

* Repairing cracked basement walls and waterproofing wet walls from the exterior! *

Basement Wall Repairs ~ Waterproofing 

Interior vs Exterior Basement Seepage Repairs

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Maryland:  Montgomery, Howard & P.G Counties

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* Masonry wall cracks & voids sealed

* Exposed brick & block walls (below grade) parged

* Damp proofing materials applied

* Waterproofing membrane installed

* Exterior footing drainage pipe installed or existing replaced


* Walls and sections are warranted against seepage for a period of five (5) years. 

* Pipe systems are warranted against heaving or separating for a period of two (2) years.

* Warranties are transferable.

Warranty Exclusions

* Seepage occurring from below the    basement floor due to high water table or springs.

* Wall sections or pipes damaged by an earthquake, flood, tornado or other natural, weather, man-made events are not covered by Pipe & Stone's  warranties.

* Sodded areas and moving/replanting bushes that are salvageable from planting beds where the waterproofing excavation will be performed. (Hire an experienced landscaper to dig up & replant bushes after the waterproofing has been finished.)